10 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter

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10 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter - jack wagner dating

It was the mid-‘90s and the Internet was still something you had to access with dial-up and a shrink-wrapped CD from AOL.Any time I’d walk in while he was on the computer he’d immediately turn to face me. ” I could hear the telltale sound of the mouse clicking to minimize a screen. Once he finished, I pretended I wanted to get on Instant Messenger.

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Mom would rush to greet him, tearing off her oven mitts so she could take his briefcase. “Dad’s had a long day and he’s very tired.” If we were too loud or demanding, he’d be quick to let us know. “They know to respect me there.” I’ve read the books he wrote about my early childhood and wondered who this man was that claimed to have held me on his lap.Dad was equally passionate about promoting family values and lobbied against gay marriage at the state capitol.He also served as an elder at our Southern Baptist church while running the PR department of a Fortune 500 company.I don’t remember these touching moments, nor do I recall any of the stories about him tossing a football with my brothers in the front yard.That’s why it was strange when he suddenly started paying attention to me.This was not the way my father would have written our story.

In the Christian parenting books he authored, we were always the perfect family.The camera recorded its own reflection in the dark glass as they waited.After years of trying, we had finally caught my father soliciting sex from strangers.We had the big house in the country, five happy kids, and an American flag flying on the front porch.Mom had graduated with a degree in home economics and thought it was cruel when other families allowed their kids to eat dinner in front of the TV.Instead, I downloaded a hacker program that secretly logged all encrypted keystrokes on our family computer. “Gay” was an insult people hurled in the hallways of my middle school — I didn’t realize there were actually men who liked having sex with other men, and I’d never have imagined my father was one of them.

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