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We need that dose every once in a while to make, endogenously, those hormones that some people are trying to take exogenously, with medication. Then you get boobs, your estrogen levels will go up, and then your testosterone, your actual testicles, will begin to atrophy, because that’s their main job.When you take away their job, they just get lazy, and it takes a while to get them working again.

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I’m still scared.” And nothing’s going to happen that night.But women have these menopausal symptoms because they have adrenal fatigue, because long before menopause, their hormones are already out of balance, and they were actually getting a lot of their energy from cortisol, the stress hormone, which does give you energy, but it depletes you of energy over time.Abel: How do you endogenously build the hormones we need?That’s when she’s getting the most of her creative inspiration; she’s going to feel fulfilled. Even at that time, the design of a woman’s body is such that when the estrogen doubles, her serotonin levels drop, which cause her to feel even more, “I need the help of somebody.” So that’s called a pair-bonding relationship. But when it’s love, when you’re giving love in return, which will be a romantic relationship, it’s much more powerful. They said, “You know, John, you should enjoy yourself.” And I said, “No, I don’t drink.” And then they said, “Well, we have so much fun listening to you. When I was hungry, I happened to bump into a friend of mine. He said, “You know, just in case you need some extra money, John.” I didn’t tell him I was broke or I was hungry and I was scared. And he just said, “Here’s in case you need extra money.” And I’ll never forget that.Now, romance is going to do it the easiest; it’s the most powerful. Be in a class where there’s a teacher, where you’re learning something from someone you didn’t know. So you are needing something, and somebody is providing for you. Because when she is giving love, she’s also producing a brain chemical called oxytocin. But we have no idea what you’re talking about.” Now that was an important lesson for me, because I realized: all this suffering and I am not making a difference. Everybody has an experience where you really needed something and somebody was there for you, and you never forget it. John Gray, author of the mega-bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. You know, people ask me, “How does love affect your health? It’s friendship, it’s community, it’s participation, it’s work, it’s reward, it’s vacation, it’s singing, it’s connecting, it’s walking, it’s exercising with the planet. Most people experience a glimpse of it when they fall in love.

He literally wrote the textbook for my wife Alyson’s communication class in college. My wife, Alyson, literally read your book as a textbook in college. How does happiness, how does confidence, how does trust, how does safety, how does that all affect your health? The newness of a relationship stimulates high levels of dopamine; particularly, a sexually charged newness will stimulate, literally, heroin-like levels of dopamine in the same part of the brain as cocaine or dopamine or sugar. When love doesn’t last, it’s kind of like they never really loved that person. They love how they feel when they’re with that person and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For example, if I take my wife on a romantic date, it will bump her estrogen up.

If we’re playing cards with friends it will bump her progesterone up.

How does the state of our romantic relationships affect our physical and mental health? So the bottom line here is that if you have loving relationships, your stress will be lower, and when your stress is lower, your health will increase. So all good nutrition can do for us is provide the building blocks for the house, but it’s our social relationships that build the house.

We are designed to be happy, peaceful, fulfilled, enthusiastic, and in a romantic relationship, we’re designed to be passionate and loving. And what happens is when we get blocks to the natural design, then we have problems in our relationships, we have problems in our health, and we have problems in our bodies. You could give that pill to somebody who’s sitting in a dark room with no friends, and it won’t cure them.

But thank goodness we can learn why we have low testosterone as men, and how to naturally rebuild it.