Accommodating or flexible

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Accommodating or flexible

During may, there is a holiday nearly every week therefore you will need to check in advance.

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An evaluation report submitted by the government shows that the reduction in working time has generally affected employees positively, in terms of both their work and home lives.Payments by employers discharge all health, retirement and unemployment insurance obligations.In principle, the French health cover and social security system applies to expatriates, but international agreements and EU regulations provide for exemptions.However, as always, it depends where the organisation is located, for example the long lunch break is unusual in Paris and other bigger cities.As mentioned previously in this guide, because of employment legislation the working of overtime is very rare.It can also allow workers to take leave to participate in education or training or to take up an interest, hobby or leisure pursuit.

This means that workers can reorganise their working lives and working hours around shorter days, weeks, months, or even years.There following are fixed (same every year) Public Holidays in France.The following are changeable Public Holidays in France: Good Friday (Easter Friday) and Easter Monday are usually around March –April time, Ascension Day (40 days after Easter Sunday, always on a Thursday – May time); Pentacost/Whit Sunday (7th Sunday after Easter – May time); Monday following Pentacost/Whit Monday – May time.Despite the shorter weekly working times, the hours that people tend to spend at work are longer when compared to other European countries.However, the time spent working during a day does tend to be broken up with a generous lunch break that can last 2 hours.For further Information visit: There are 11(or 13 in some provinces) national holidays in France.

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