Accomodating person

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Often included in these ideas is the notion of human sinfulness or capacity; so in other words God accommodates himself to the human capacities of those to whom biblical revelation is given.

Many Christians, especially those from a Reformed background, see in the person and work of Christ not only the supreme form of accommodation, but the centre and reason for it as well.This all may seem to be a contradiction: Yet it could also be argued that, given that this is correct, we as human beings, by our very nature, are incapable of understanding why it is true.Traditional Christian theology asserts that it is through the work of the Holy Spirit within the individual that God the Father is able to communicate to them via the words of the Bible.In this sense, man is fully passive and God is fully active – it is not man who "discovers" Christ, but Christ who reveals himself to man.While many Christians debate the meaning of Christ's death and resurrection, Christians who proclaim a substitution-based theology of atonement believe that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world as an atoning sin-substitute, and that his resurrection from the dead brings new life to all who have faith in him.It was taken up and developed by Christian theologians like Origen and Augustine, which ensured its continuance into the work of medieval biblical exegetes.

Erasmus of Rotterdam employed it as did numerous Reformation theologians, both Roman Catholic and Protestant. David Willis and Ford Lewis Battles, and more recently Arnold Huijgen, have argued that Calvin developed the idea from sources related to classical rhetoric while others such as David F.Yet accommodation allows for the belief that despite this natural linguistic barrier, God still has the power to use such translations in order to reveal his nature to people.This means, of course, that Christians don't have to learn Ancient Hebrew and Greek in order to hear what God has to say.Accommodation (or condescension) is the theological principle that God, while being in His nature unknowable and unreachable, has nevertheless communicated with humanity in a way which humans can understand and respond to.The concept is that scripture has accommodated, or made allowance for, the original audience's language and general level of understanding.This message, common in evangelical churches, is also considered as a form of accommodation when it is proclaimed publicly.