Adult chat rooms for spanking

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Adult chat rooms for spanking - adult dating lynchburg virginia

This must be a rather odd “chat-up line” and there was no other “chat up line” in the world that could have engaged my attention like that one. ”He looked somewhat taken aback but managed to carry on.

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My Grandmother would have expected you to spank me a lot more severely than that.I dread being spanked but I love it at the same time and simply cannot stop imagining, and wishing for, a spanking of some sort.I was wearing a long evening dress with some beautiful but rather skimpy underwear.“Well I don’t actually have the right to spank you however much you may deserve or need it.I didn’t want you dissolving into tears and running off to the boss with a complaint.”I could see his fears quite clearly.He probably gave me about twenty or so smacks before stopping and standing me back on my feet.

Well my bottom was stinging mildly but I have had harder spankings than that as a child.

She got her spanking and he got a lot more than he expected.

They both got an unexpected relationship where they could explore their fantasies together.

I loved the feeling of being across his knee and being really quite helpless.

He grasped my waist and I loved the sort of naughty intimacy of it and my whole body began to tingle in anticipation of what was to come.

”“Little Miss Madam,” he said sternly “has made it perfectly clear that she does not wish to be here. Normally I am extremely wary about meeting men I have met on the “Net” so my “real” spanking experiences are distinctly limited.

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    Sara was upset and I felt very bad, as it wasn’t my intention to hurt her. Sara: No, there was never anything awkward between us.

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    The other major advantage of paying by phone is that you do not have to purchase a package of credits up front, you simply call the (premium) number and as long as you keep the line open, you can visit the video chat rooms of the live girls, boys, couples and shemales.