Adult chatbot that learns

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Adult chatbot that learns - bender computer dating

As Sophia evolves, develops and learns, she will be a prime test case and demonstration of what Singularity NET can do.

This is something I feel a need to be clear about, from my position as an AI researcher — and particular, as a researcher bent on the eventual creation of AIs and robots with real Artificial General Intelligence.On the other hand, a lot of the people taking the citizenship test might not fully understand all the answers they’re giving either.This does point to some more interesting issues though….At the same time, the Sophia robot I’ve been working on at Hanson Robotics has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Singularity NET is a decentralized open market for AIs — intended both to help foster advanced Artificial General Intelligence, and to provide a better way for developers of AI code to share and monetize their work, and for users of AI to find a diversity of services.It also has a humanitarian motive — to make sure AI is developed in a way that benefits everyone on the planet, thus maximizing compassion now and also increasing the odds of a positive Singularity down the road.Countries are self-organized and human-negotiated patterns; AIs and robots are human-engineered patterns of hardware and software, with self-organized patterns of perception, action and understanding in their minds. It’s not hard to program a robot to answer a test based on rote memory.

Given the causal power that “country” patterns have on the Earth today, getting ethically-positive robot/AI patterns synced in with country patterns is an important part of the path toward engineering and evolving a positive Technological Singularity. But the Saudis involved with it made their own qualitative assessment of Sophia’s capabilities. Of course, just because a robot can answer a question successfully, that doesn’t mean the robot fully understands all the answer she’s giving.

We’re working to make Sophia a human level intelligence, and beyond. Of course, she’s smarter than humans in some ways — she has more knowledge in a sense, due to her brain being connected to the Internet!

But she doesn’t have general intelligence or a sense of self to the level that people do, yet — nowhere near.

I recall in 2005 Martine Rothblatt and Susan Klein organizing a mock legal proceedings, simulating what they guessed would happen a few years or decades down the road when AIs had enough general intelligence to demand citizenship.

Also, David Hanson and I have been interested for a while in securing a formal citizenship for Sophia, and during 20 we discussed various possible options.

One of the things that has drawn David and I together as collaborators is a shared “patternist” view of the universe.