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All the truth and facts are now reveled about a great Jamaican Police Inspector, who has been totally forgotten by his country. The total family history of Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert Theodore Thomas, and his grandson author Gerald A.Archambeau is now preserved at York University, Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collectionsin Toronto On.

My thanks to Canada; for saving my family contribution for the next generation, because the country of my birth Jamaica, has no interest in my life story of struggle. Examining individual household would give a better reflection but poorer families appears to be less united. Historyto be preserved for our students:visit book2For the information of Caribbean Readers, Historians, students & Authors.Storm Maria was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday as it headed for the Leeward Islands, while Hurricane Jose strengthened as it headed for the east coast and Tropical Storm Lee lurked out in the Atlantic Guadalupe, Dominica, Martinique and St.Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat have all been issued hurricane warnings, while the British Virgin Islands - among the worst hit by Irma - are under a hurricane alert More than 1,700 residents of Barbuda, where Irma damaged nearly every building, braced for Maria on neighbouring Antigua, now under a tropical storm watch, said Ronald Sanders, the country's ambassador to the United States.Tell that to her aunts, many of whom married black men.Alot of information that you will find on the Caribbean translated to the web will be very old and extremely dated I agree that the article is very informative and helps me to understand the of those in my current household.In which he only has him for very limited times as if to portray a false picture to impress another.

The reasoning for the daily destruction of the kitchen that I usually clean daily, cleaning all dishes, table and counter tops.

The uncle who seems to continually blame my children for the things he is responsible for creating in addition to his comments degrading my son in which if I speak in his defense I am chastised and threaten to be kicked out.

The various times that he acts as if he has his son on regular basis.

Canada, and can be reached at for more info on 4 family books and other memorabilia. My grandfather Herbert Theodore Thomas 1856 to 1930 was a white Jamaican born man in Colonial times who gave his life to make Jamaica a safer place.

You can also Google: User Pages-info on Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert T. This man has been totally forgotten by his country Jamaica, even though he crossed the racial divide of his times by marring my black grandmother dear Leonora Thomas.

The restrained Chinese, the clannish Indian..should make shrines for these ideas.