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Type of Query: My documentation, profile and other account I would like to: Close my account Why do you want to close your account: Select a reason Description: Ask them to close your account and mention the email address that’s associated to the account An half hour later I received an answer from the e Toro Customer Service Team, confirming that my profile has been deleted.

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He has absolutely no taste whatsoever." Even before that, they were stereotyped as thieves, plunderers, and rogues, and the phrase "You cheating Arab!

" (now confined to period pieces and racist grandparents) was a British idiom for someone having an unreasonable run of good luck at a game of chance.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant males Whites, being the vast majority of Americans, are the group that are supposedly the least discriminated against, but actually there is quite a lot (the way white people are portrayed or mocked would cause outrage if done to other ethnic groups). Irish-Americans Cast as being in the seat of white privilege (which means, of course, that they're Catholic Celts who are considered WASPs), and still obsessed with their heritage and worse days that may or may not have existed.

Ironically, this opens the door to the old Nash stereotypes like untenably large families, alcoholism, and elaborate wakes, since rather than even making fun of the stereotypes, it's making fun of the self-serving reification of the stereotypes.

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Thanks to MTV's , having an Italian surname is an easy way for people to view you as a drunken, hard-partying, orange-skinned douchebag. Often portrayed as outwardly cold or immoral for their part in the former Soviet Union.

If you're male, it's assumed that you use steroids, and if you're female, it's assumed that you're a slut. It's still relatively common to see portrayals of non-Russian Slavs, particularly the Balkan Slavs (and people who aren't Slavs but get lumped with them anyway, such as the Romanians or Greeks) as uncultured thugs and savages keen on getting revenge on their "ancient enemies" i.e. There's also depictions of them as cunning tricksters who might outwardly accept (Western) civilization, but actually just exploit it for their own gains (e.g.

And they will be depicted as being stingy misers who would rather die than pay a dime. The Dutch They are some of the most stingy persons you will ever encounter.