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” Easily the crowning achievement of the show’s later seasons, this episode devoted entirely to the journey Tracy, the eventual mother, took to ending up with Ted Mosby might not have been the funniest had ever been, but it showcased some of its best writing.

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On their ninth anniversary Marshall and Lily bail on a weekend away to stay home and watch but end up accidentally stuck in the bathroom when Ted arrives home with his new girlfriend Victoria.

Personally, I didn’t hate the final episode but that doesn't mean it's going to be on this list either.

- the episodes that could be described as the great- wait for it...

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas crafted a perfect script here but a lot of what made this episode work was down to Cristin Milioti’s exceptional performance as Tracy.

She’d been drip-fed into the series up until now, and there was always a risk that fans might have rebelled against the character, but Milioti’s turn was strikingly vulnerable and charmingly funny. It was obvious that she and Ted were made for each other. Tracy’s robot art, the idea of a band called Radiohedge Fund and there was the return of Mitch - the naked man, but we’ll get to him soon.

Ted is going on a date with his tattoo removal surgeon Stella (boo! ) and his friends try to dissuade him from doing so with their respective stories of getting involved with the wrong person, or persons in Lily and Marshall’s case, as they recount their disastrous friendship with their charade-loving neighbours Michael and Laura, the latter played by the brilliant Kristen Schaal whose greeting of “Hey neighbour! I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in relationships which seemed like a great idea to begin with, but quickly turned into a head-desk situation, possibly on either side.

I won’t say which side I’ve found myself on more frequently, though I will say the character I most identified with here was probably Curt ‘Ironman’ Irons, whose sports report post dumping by Robin rings truer than it should.It also delves nicely into Marshall and Lily’s relationship and how couples can become after so many years together.This all leaves Barney and Robin on a “bros” night out.Attention to detail in the script is very noticeable here too, particularly when the other nominations for Robin’s award are read out – ‘Pregnant, thirteen and addicted’ anyone?There are a couple of big reasons why ’s maiden season. During the ninth season, an online poll found that Victoria was the viewers' favourite of all Ted’s liaisons throughout the show, beating even Robin. Ashley Williams, at least during the character’s first run, made Victoria funny and loveable. All her appearances in season one were worthwhile, though the less said the better about her return during season eight, when the character seemed to lose all its charm. Or more specifically, the origin of Barney Stinson.often worked best when it was easily identifiable and the theme of reluctance to move out of somewhere, on to something new was done really well with the two opposites of Ted, who wants to keep everything, and Robin, who chucks most stuff out.