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An asylum is an institution for the protection or relief of some class of destitute, unfortunate or troubled persons.

Hanwell and Southall were both reliant on agriculture right up to the end of the Victorian period.

It was during the Edwardian era, and particularly after the First World War, that Southall began to change to an industrial district - greatly facilitated by the good transport links such as the canal and railway networks.

It is understood that a refugee is unwilling to accept the security measures offered to him by the country where he finds insecurity resulting from the fear of persecution for various reasons. It is quite natural that the majority of refugees who leave their country seek asylum in neighboring countries or regions.

They tend to go not too far from their country of nationality.

On the other hand, an asylum is a place meant to provide security for refugees. Through this article let us examine the words and also differentiate the two in terms of their meaning.

As mentioned above, a refugee is a person who is outside the country of his origin or nationality due to the fear of persecution for reasons of race, nationality, religion or individual political opinion and who is unwilling to avail himself of the protection offered by that country.

Hanwell never industrialised to the same extent as Southall, and remains far more suburban in character to this day.

Hanwell is linked in the popular imagination with Charlie Chaplin, who went to school at the Central London District School.

The refugee law states that a refugee takes refuge in a foreign land fearing war and violence too.

Politically it is believed that the largest source countries of refugees are Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Sudan, Sri Lanka and the Palestinian territories. An asylum is a place meant to provide security for the so-called refugees.

The Royal Bethlehem was an asylum dating back to the 15th century where poor creatures suffering from seizures and other afflictions were remanded to end their days roaring and screaming, packed away out of sight.