Ayi dating

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Ayi dating

I paid the deposit and first month's rent (4,522rmb) for the room and she gave me a key.When I came back later in the day to move my stuff in, the key didn't work.

I reject his request because it seemed a little suspicious.

"I viewed a bedroom in Vivian's apartment and it looked nice inside, but it was empty without any furniture or anything.

Vivian said she had just started her lease and was moving in soon.

Without one, there's nothing to prove that you've already paid if the landlord asks you for rent or tries to kick you out.

"I went to see an apartment with my agent and the landlord.

We even recently upgraded the notice to a big flashing red "SCAM ALERT" banner to get people to read it before renting. The more this knowledge is out there, the less likely people will fall for these scams if they happen to encounter them.

Positive vibes to all these people whose stories appear here. "I have been checking Smart Shanghai trying to find the perfect house and I found a listing I liked.Different buildings and areas are zoned for different purposes, and you can't be living in a place that's been classified and regulated as an office.On the ownership certificate (owner's booklet), under usage (用途), it should say "residential" (住宅) or "both residential and business" (商住两用).She pointed at some Chinese words inside the apartment owners booklet.The room we are renting looks nothing like an office.After trying a few more times to get me to wire more money, he stopped replying to my emails." *** The Key Scam is the most common scam we see at Smart Shanghai.

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