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So what has sparked this staggering shift in the sexual tastes of our younger generation?Can half of all young people really be sexually fluid?

Plus I definitely want children, which is more straightforward with a man.’So what is life like for young male bisexuals in modern Britain?

Despite the trend for girls to upload pictures to social media of themselves kissing other girls, Shannon is adamant that her flirtations with females are genuine and not as a result of peer pressure or for the titillation of men.

Last month, Shannon started studying English at the University of Salford in Manchester, where the liberal sexual landscape is in stark contrast to her home town and, she says, ‘literally everyone is bisexual’.‘Older women are more caring.

You’re already doing great, and I think your proposed rule is a perfectly sound one. When in an apartment building with limited laundry facilities, how long must you wait before moving someone’s finished clothes out of the way so you can use the machine?

Having separate overnight policies for friends versus romantic partners is enormously reasonable, and would hold true regardless of the gender of the person your daughter is dating. A: Everywhere I’ve ever lived with shared (and more than a little insufficient) laundry facilities always had some sort of notification system.

Let your daughter know she has your support whenever she feels ready to come out to her father, and in the meantime, as long as she’s willing to abide by the sleepover rule, you don’t have to explain its details to your husband. If you threw a load of clothes in the wash and then wandered away, you’d write your apartment number on a whiteboard so whoever needed the machine next could come check on you and remind you that England expects every man to do his duty.

If you weren’t around, they’d fling your clothes in the dryer and write a note under your name letting you know which dryer was ready to be turned on.‘But I am still attracted to both sexes and would describe myself as bi.’As confusing as this might sound to some — and at times when discussing her sexuality Shannon herself sounds confused — she is far from alone.According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, the number of British people defining themselves as bisexual has risen 45 per cent in just three years.Perhaps she was hurt that I hadn’t confided in her before and I suspect because she has no experience of bisexuality she found it unsettling, but I said she would have to learn to accept it.’Despite coming out, she didn’t start dating girls — ‘in my area there aren’t many bisexuals so it was hard to find someone’ — and instead lost her virginity in 2015 to a male schoolmate she dated for six months before he ended the relationship this year.Perhaps understandably, she didn’t tell her mother, though Tina insists she would allow Shannon to have a lesbian relationship under her roof ‘if she was serious, but not if she was only experimenting’.This alleged increase is most notable in the young — for the first time, more 16 to 24-year-olds describe themselves as bisexual than those who say they are gay or lesbian combined.

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