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Because if you put on your profile the greatest picture of your muscles and zero information at the same time, you will not get a letter from a good woman, you will rather attract a superficial and immature girl.Another “don’t” in choosing of your photos for your dating profile: a picture where you “cut off” from somebody else, especially from a woman! During my Internet searches for a partner I saw some divorced men’s profiles with their ex-wedding photos: they just cut off the ex-brides (wives) from themselves on the pictures, and that’s it.

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If you got a great smile, a good Ukrainian woman will not notice your beer belly if you have one :) Speaking about bellies. I do not want to make a list of qualities, which I would like to see in my future man. I need a real man with his advantages and disadvantages.that it is highly probable to find the right Ukrainian woman online, you will be ready to do the first step towards your happiness, won’t you? about your personality, interests and what kind of person you are looking for.But, of course, you better have a job, because it does cost a fair bit of money to bring a foreign wife to your country; such as the visa expenses, plane tickets, oh my!But, for our husbands’ opinion, all these expenses were worth to bring us to their countries :) At the same time, it is not necessary to publish a whole gallery of your images; just two-three pictures are enough, although one is ok too, if it is really good one. Your picture (pictures) better not be when you were 20-30 years old if you are now 40-50 years old.They were probably thinking that a whole bunch of love thirsty Ukrainian beauties would be happy to see this.

One time I found a profile of guy with his wedding photo where he didn’t even cut off his ex-wife from the picture: he just cut a hole where her head was.

Many dating websites will ask you to write a personal message, so, if you really want to find a good woman, please do not write a novel, otherwise girls like us will think you are just a big stories teller and nothing more.

But if your personal story will be too short, as one sentence like “I am a great guy”, or if you will decide not to write your personal message at all, serious women will think, you are dull or you got some mental problems. Also, if you have any connection to Ukraine (relatives, friends, Ukrainian descent), state that too. For example, I knew right away from the personal message of my future husband that his ancestors were Ukrainian and it actually caught my eye and it was one of reasons why I answered him.

Well, you have a huge choice of dating services online, but I think, it would be more reasonable to choose a website where REAL PEOPLE have found their soul mates and got married, Ok, you made your choice of online dating service and I know, what is your second question after that. "How to attract a beautiful, kind and REAL Ukrainian woman? For the years of my online searches I saw hundreds men’s profiles and now I want to give you some tips, how your profile should look to attract a right woman; in other words, woman who are not looking for the games online, but for a good husband and family happiness.

"Without any doubts, your profile on the dating website is very important.

So, one or two paragraphs of your personal message are enough. If you happened to be in Ukraine already, it would be good to say it too in your profile, desirably with a short explanation as to why you have visited Ukraine (traveling, business, visiting relatives); otherwise good women can think you are simply a sex-tourist and that you are not very serious about finding your destiny.

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