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I’d been on my feet for awhile and my touchy back was aching. I could have suggested that I put the three items in the refrigerator and I will next time. I sure won’t complain, even if he’s sometimes a little cranky.My husband has a lung disease (considered terminal) that I fear will take him from me before either of us is ready for that separation. Our tree is kinda sparce, but it’s our Christmas tree. We haven’t gone to many parties or had as much “fun” as previous years but the times we’ve socialized, we’ve enjoyed ourselves. We don’t get as many invitations as previous years, probably because we don’t see our friends as often (out of sight out of mind) and we aren’t as much fun.

At times I get frustrated with John but never angry with him. He is ill, and sometimes he’s hard to please, but I know I’d be more difficult.

I want to explain to the woman who complains that husband no longer interacts with her so she’s feeling lonely that her “feel sorry for herself attitude” will only drive away folks who would be friendly. And yes, sometimes even sweet John can be difficult.

He wants to do for himself, but then he complains when I don’t help him with something little.

I started the Kings Point Sun City Center Residents’ Facebook page as kind of an “announcement” site and it’s worked well.

Over the years, I’ve included the openings of new businesses, announcements about expansions and changes in Kings Point, weather-related warnings.

I want to tell the wife in the caregivers’ group who is bitching about changing her husband’s diaper, or the one who gripes about her husband demands that she’ll be sorry she resented helping him.

More than likely he feels bad because he needs her help.Yesterday Accuweather gave a report that the Shields area (in central Michigan) would get down 8 degrees last night and 5 tonight! The forecast for Wednesday read, “Heavy snow possible.A narrow band of snowfall rates in excess of 2 inches per hour may affect a portion of the area during the Wednesday evening commute.” I just checked the forecast to see if today’s weather had matched the forecast in Michigan.(The frozen steaks will keep.) Instead, we’ll enjoy prime rib, baked potatoes, salad, and an apple pie for dessert at their condo. We’ll enjoy their company, have a nice Christmas and we won’t be alone nor will they.(We’ll provide the pie.) Paul and Bunny are dear friends. Bunny’s having health problems so I hope it’s not too much work for her. He’s getting the prime rib partially pre-prepared by Sam’s Club so it won’t take much to serve. I came an hour early to help and I could tell it was beneficial.Putting the pie pan and two foam boxes of prime rib in the refrigerator didn’t seem like it was a big deal that I needed to help him with, but apparently, it bothered him that I didn’t volunteer to help (or do it).