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xx If you're browsing or popping in be kind just leave a message xxxxxxx I’m a CD From Leeds UK I Love dressing Femme and been out and about on the scene now for over 6 years.I love the LEEDS SCENE and really enjoy the company of others!

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missed my 2nd Sparkle and I'm really really missing my friends and everyone on the scene.... lots of love Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ***16 December 2015*** Half a year now passed since I was able to get out and about ....there's lots of other stuff happening if you catch my meaning..... Ashleigh, Alison, Louise, and I'm sure there was a Rachel in there too! lol The place (Pink Punters) is improving more bars, cafe and staff.... although close to Easter there were plenty of girls about... We all met in the Camp bar (Campanile Hotel - opposite Pinks- (Pink Punters)) had a chat and a drink then as we walked over the road it started to rain! It was really good to catch up with Angie and she looks really well and on top form! Sharing with Leanna who I'd not see since December LFF...just hate that dry ice effect and the smoking area needs to be completely roofed..... So a good night with lots of girls to catch up with Paula, Kay and meeting other gorgeous girls to numerous to mention (or is my memory failing me! We started as usual at the Cosmo where we met up with Gina and just isn't getting any better and I'd hoped 2017 couldn't get any worse than 2016... Still missing everyone and I try to keep up to date with everyone following your antics as best I to all Lou xxxxxxxxx 2016 ***Dec 2016*** Another year passed me by...lots of love Lou xxxxxxx ***Feb 2017*** January and the new year passed so quickly Birthday's came and went... now Feb is here life on my part is on 'hold' everything I now do is for my partner...

other sad news, a good friend died of the big C and now I learn my best man (wedding) has liver cancer!I guess by now we are starting to spread our wings was lovely to see so many familiar faces and catch up...until then take care hugs Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ****** Don't normally mix my two lives but feeling sad and wanted to share.... Probably due to the England women's football team being in beautiful Mum passed away today, she was 85 and had been poorly for a while.... hugs Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ****** Night out at LFF, must thank Gina and Emma for looking after me.... Any way it was lovely to room with Leanna and catch up on things.... as a result you couldn't get a hotel room in the Double tree so we settled for the other Hilton at Kents Hill Park...good friends are hard to come by my love and affection to mine again Happy New Year lots of love Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ***14 September 2017*** This year is going by really quickly, Autumn already..... I made some wonderful friends and met some brave lovely people, so heres to you all miss you love you....