Carbon dating of dinosaur fossils

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Carbon dating of dinosaur fossils - invalidating session in servlet

This changes the atomic number of the nucleus to 7, producing a nucleus of nitrogen-14.

o o o The traces of DNA fragments in Schweitzer’s fossils matched more closely to modern birds than to modern reptiles. These trends conform to evolutionary expectations, since most biologists hold that today’s birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, whereas today’s alligators are more distant cousins.Since tissues like skin and cartilage are known to spontaneously decay in only thousands of years, these published finds clearly show that the fossils could not be millions of years old.Careful chemical analyses published in peer-reviewed journals concluded that original tissues—most often protein that had not mineralized—came from the buried animals' carcasses.I thought it did a good job presenting what Schweitzer saw her research as and how it was co-opted by other groups. It just inspired me to create a new thread: The Great Ark Fossil Mystery !!! However, these tissues have been significantly stabilized by cross-linking in the course of aging.Where are the bones of Any of the species, pairs of which Noah brought on board the Ark? He must have taken Every One of those Animals alive on the Earth ... While there is evidence for some heme units (heme is a stable portion of hemoglobin), there are no actual red blood cells.This situation arises constantly in the course of scientific discovery.

o o o Again and again young earth creationists have pointed to some observations such as bent rock layers, polystrate fossils, the amount of salt in the ocean, apparent mingled human and dinosaur footprints, the amount of helium in the atmosphere, polonium halos, or fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field, and claimed that since conventional (old-earth) science could not But when genuine science is brought to bear on these issues, they are eventually readily explained within the framework of an old earth and accepted physics.He also found that little red objects which initially looked like red blood cells in blood vessels were actually microclusters of iron oxide.o o o That scientists are unable at present to give a complete account of the mechanism and trajectory of the preservation of modified proteins in the dinosaur bone pores is not some unique, embarrassing case.It may take some years, however, to come to a satisfactory resolution.A number of these supposed evidences for a young earth are exposed here .We know how quickly C14 decays, and so it becomes possible to measure how long it has been since the plant or animal died." It seems what creationists fail to understand is dinosaur bones are permineralized or at the very least, partially permineralized, and therefore they no longer qualify as "once living material." Once the original material has been replaced with minerals it cannot be dated using the Carbon 14 method.