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But despite the fact that her in-game character won't be speaking, Forscutt said her personality was integral in securing the gig since a promo tour for the game was planned.

Pro Street, which is set for worldwide release in spring, will be available on virtually all gaming platforms, and Forscutt is relishing her shot at international exposure.

In all this film likely misses both it's core audience and lacks the mass-market appeal that it was trying for.

If a full four-hour version was released word-for-word of the original work, it would likely be a cult classic, as it has the makings of a strong work.

Set in modern day New York City, this adaptation by director Michael Almereyda attempts to blend the all time classic with a modern day lifestyle, while retaining the traditional speech and lines of the play.

And you can easily invite people to view, download, or work on a file with you from anywhere.

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