Choosing an online dating user name

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Choosing an online dating user name - is dani victor dating shane

This article is not meant to be an exhaustive list of what to do and what not to do. I believe that everybody is different and everybody has his or her own unique set of circumstances.

Something for “other people” to try and talk about. Tell a friend you’re meeting a new person for coffee or a drink, someone you met online, and odds are they’ll wish it goes well for you. But, you should not reveal other details like where you work or even what gym you go to on your profile.This information has the potential of being used against you In addition to keeping your personal details closely guarded, you should also review your profile for any other information that might reveal too many details.Different dating services may call them different things – usernames, screen names, identities, handles, nicknames, or profile names, but they all mean the same thing.Your username is the identity you project to the world of online dating sites and the secret to a good username is to not make a bad one!While many of us may know how to create an interesting online dating profile, some of us may get a little carried away and reveal more information than necessary.

An online dating profile should be interesting and inviting however, it should not be a way for potential fraudsters to easily get detailed information about you.

However, this does not mean you need to reveal your personal details on your profile.

Most online dating services will probably disallow it anyway if you try to give away your contact details on your profile.

As always, a good password is essential for your online dating account.

A scammer should not be able to easily guess your password or they may even hijack your profile.

For example, don't discuss your dog on your profile if your email security question is about your dog.

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