Christain dating questions

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Christain dating questions - friends new zealand dating new zealand

Any options that you have chosen to block from contacting you such as smokes or drinks or lives outside of your country will not appear on your My Matches list. To add click on the “Browse” button and select your photo.

On the Edit Profile page you will find all of the things you filled in when you first registered.Or, the scammer may appear to be somewhat legitimate and we give them the benefit of the doubt for a short time.If this happens, that scammer is able to view profiles or send a few private messages or winks before we retroactively ban the person.ONLY COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS VIA THE CHRISTIAN DATING FOR FREE PRIVATE MESSAGING FUNCTION SO THAT WE CAN PROTECT YOU TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES. Our ultimate goal is to protect you from these people and to protect the sanctity, security and safety of your Christian Dating For Free Community.We apologize for the confusion that this may create but we hope that you understand.We want to minimize this kind of intrusion to our Community and appreciate any tips we get from our members.

Let us know their Username and what their words/actions were that you feel were a violation of our terms and conditions when you submit your comments.

For example, if you don't want someone that smokes to contact you, click on the “Smoke” box which will block anyone that smokes from contacting you.

If you only want Men between the ages of 45 to 55 to be able to contact you simply choose the numbers “45” and “55” in the “Age Between” boxes.

However, we cannot keep all of these nuisances out all of the time.

If you suspect that someone is trying to con you or someone else, if someone has asked you to send money, if someone is trying to sell you something or promote a product or a website, we encourage you to CONTACT US and let us know.

However, if for example they close the Christian Dating For website window by clicking the X at the top right- without Logging Off first- then we can have no way of knowing that they wanted to log off.