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The Parish is a community of caring people who gather to worship and praise God in Common Prayer.

Please check in at the nurses station in the Unit and they will let you know if it is OK to visit.

There is also a "Visitors Guest Book" in Michael's room, so please sign in and write whatever comments you feel are appropriate.

Michael and Holly also enjoy the cards they are receiving from the parish and community.

Because there are a number of parishioners who do not have access to e-mail Blessings Your Wardens Duncan Crowdis Robert Mac Millan Blake Starratt P. Hello parishioners, I wanted to pass along this information to you as I have just been told that Father Michael has had a tremendous number of visitors this week.

Unfortunately and as much as he loves the visits, he is in a state of exhaustion.

---------------------------------------------------------------- 10th Anniversary of the Reopening The year 2015 marks the 10th Anniversary of the reopening and rededication of St. This event took place on June 12, 2005 following the fire of 2001 and the restoration of St.

John’the restoration as we look to the future of our parish family.

If the nurse isn't present at the station, please wait to speak to a nurse before entering.

Thank you most kindly for your love, support and kindness......mostly for understanding.

Here at Elim Church, you will meet people who are passionate about God who saves, heals and helps anyone who calls on His name – JESUS.

You will also find us a people who commune with God through heartfelt worship and earnest prayers.

However, the visits we are making to the hospital are the highlights of Farther Michael's day - it so evident in his eyes and the smile on his face when you walk into the room.

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