Confidential dating agency

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Confidential dating agency

We treat our client in a professional manner; we do not hide behind a website profile or platform.The Only Social Club is a professional matchmaking service.

Discretion: If you hit a sour note still stay sweet! Honesty: Do not make dates or promises if you do not intend to keep them. Everybody enjoys the company of pleasant, positive and interesting people.Simply fill out the brief bio to the right, and let’s get started.An exclusive introductions agency formed in 2002 specifically aimed at successful London and Uk professionals seeking a life partner or marriage.It does help us help you wherever possible if need be.We would like to thank you Theo as well as the service The Only Social Club, as it offered a safe, fun, honest and healthy way in which to have embarked upon a meaningful, intimate journey of mutual and self-discovery.As such we have built a solid brand upon personal recommendation and word of mouth, attracting discerning men and women seeking quality personal introductions..

We're infinitely proud of the reputation we've built since 2002, where every happy union, engagement, wedding or the announcement of a new baby is like a family celebration.

We are not an online personals, online dating services or an internet service.

We are a professional matchmaking service offering elite personal introductions with a matchmaker, a selective, discreet and exclusive matchmaking service.

We are committed to working with our clients and to understand their needs.

The Only Social Club has your best intentions and is providing an opportunity to assist our client wherever and whenever possible. We as a service recognize that we all have different values and needs and to help you get to your goal with the type of relationship you are looking for.

Please do not take advantage of the “listener” – they are not counsellors.

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