Dating a finnish

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Dating a finnish

Always remember to compare the hair root colour to the rest of the hair strand.

However, because of this independence, it is tempting to assume that Finnish girls are less girly than say, East-Asian girls.

The problem seems to be that it is hard to figure out whether certain Finnish men just want to hang out as friends, or be your serious partner in life.

I'd say that it is all about avoiding conflicts, so Finnish men (unless they are the clingy type) don't usually bring up the topic themselves.

You’d rarely see a Finnish lady with imperfect manicure.

IF their nails are really terribly done, they’d apologize about it.

For women however, you can never know what will come out of the machine.

-frowns- Without further ado, here are the 3 guidelines: — I think Finnish girls value guys who are comfortable in their own skin.How nice is it to have a Finnish lady who loves you just as you are.🙂 — Finnish ladies–or Nordic ladies in general– are super independent.In general, Finnish men are quite low maintenance, but it also means that you cannot expect great romantic gestures from them, either. In fact, if you want to get a Finnish Girlfriend, you should just treat her like how you would treat any other lady, and not go by nationality.Well I tried explaining the term “amaeru” to my Finnish boyfriend, and he frowned and went, Aegyo literally means behaving in a coquette-ish manner and is commonly expected for male and female k-pop idols to behave this way. My personal conclusion is that culture and language shape the way we behave, but within we are all the same.

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