Dating a korean girl in korea

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Dating a korean girl in korea

This post certainly doesn’t apply to all Korean men, and I did find that I had vastly different experiences when dating men who had experience living in another country besides Korea and who were completely fluent in English.I have some lovely Korean friends who have told me I’ve just had bad luck, and that could be true.

My problem with that, is that on the dates that I have been on, that sweetness has quickly turned to what I perceive as an ugly and possessive attitude that I just can’t wrap my brain around.

I had one guy keep asking me when he could call me ‘mine.’ This kind of talk freaks me out, as I practically keep in shape by running away from commitment, so I had to end that. When I tried this with a Korean guy I was dating he looked vaguely offended and grabbed the check back from me stating that he was ‘taking care of me.’ This all goes back to them being the ‘oppa’ and caring for their lady.

♥ And that’s the thing…they love to take care of you.

I thought I had made it out of that impending awkward moment until I heard him running up behind me.

He grabbed my arm and begged me to go for one more drink with him, apologizing and pleading.

When I’ve explained it to other people, they have told me it was a cultural misunderstanding.

Korean couples play this “cute” game when they are fighting where the girl whimpers and complains and the guy finally gives back whatever he took and they kiss and make up.

He ordered drinks for us and then started berating me, saying that I didn’t know how lucky I was and that there were plenty of Korean girls that would kill to date him.

I told him that he should probably just date them then, and got up to leave.

Here is where I should have just called it a night, but I felt bad (that’s that thing with so many women including myself- we hate seeming rude), so I went for one more drink.

The second we got into the next bar, his personality shifted from whiny to aggressive.

I left our coffee date feeling quite excited to go out with him that Friday.

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