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But, it probably took the transplantation of a total German culture through a mass folk movement to give the Saxons enough insulation from the local British substrate to allow them to expand so aggressively and become genetically assimilative and culturally transformative.Along with Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, it is most often associated with the fate of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family in 1918.

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I recall reading Norman Davies’ The Isles in 2000, and he relayed the conventional view of historians of the period that the post-Roman world of Britain saw the conversion through elite emulation of Britons into Saxons (and Angles and Jutes) based on documentary evidence of co-existence and subordination of a Celtic population in early Anglo-Saxon England.The proposed Romanovs remains found in the Porosyonkov log (Piglet’s ravine) in 19 are not recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church, disputing the authenticity of the remains.Despite the opening of state archives in the post-Soviet years, there is up till now no court sanction found for the execution of the royal family and there is yet no written document found that indicates that Lenin (Head of the Soviet state) instigated the orders.In the early 20th century the model in vogue was predicated on migration.The Welsh and English were perceived by many to be distinct races, with the latter having affinities with the Germanic peoples in blood as well as speech.Though even the most extreme cultural constructionist would assent to the proposition that some Germans did migrate into the late Roman world and capture the post-Roman successor states, they usually emphasized that tribal identities were ad hoc, novel and newly constructed, and German identity was highly malleable easily co-opted by aspirant non-Germans.

In other words, the Goths, Vandals, and Anglo-Saxons were motley coalitions of opportunists, whose ethnic self-identity was a matter of recent myth. Going back to Anglo-Saxon England, Alfred the Great’s early genealogy is littered with names that seem to exhibit a British, not German, provenance.

Ganina Yama is a pit of an abandoned mine in the northern outskirt of Yekaterinburg. They are concentrated in the Russian regions which are noted for Sanskrit names of their rivers and places. Ganin is a surname in Russia whereas in India Ganin is a boy (male) gender name. Alatyr is the legendary stone associated with the altar located in the center of the world.

Alatyr Stone is the foundation of the world tree or throne of the world.

It is stated that on the night of July 16-17, the Russian Imperial Romanov family and their associates were shot by the Urals revolutionaries in the basement (ground-floor room) of the Ipatiev House.

After the execution their bodies were secretly transported to Ganina Yama and thrown into the pit.

Iran and India related with surname Romanov are the home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Russian has number of rivers and places called Sura. The Russian Sura River is a major tributary of the Volga River, the traditional symbol of Russian identity.