Dating eccentric guy

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Dating eccentric guy - farmersonly dating

He dresses well, clearly making regular trips to Northern Quarter to update his impressive wardrobe and has mastered the laissez-faire approach to male grooming that Manchester girls have resentfully grown to love.

These guys can come in all shapes, sizes and styles but the deeper they get into to the night life the more uniform they become: expect oversized tees and jeans.

We’ve all had a crack at the Manchester dating scene, so we know that guys here are fools for a good stereotype.

Although some are more highly recommended than others, there is the definitive list of guys that you have dated, or will, in the Rainy City.

There’s the medic only nights out, the dodgy fancy dress, the long hours in uni and the fact that they’ll more than likely be in education for double the time you will.

On the plus side, you’ll have the advantage in the case of a medical emergency.

As he’s had a little longer in the world, he’ll probably dress a little better than the average boy or alternatively resemble the likes of Jeremy Corbyn in his pre-suits phase.

You see him everywhere so it’s kinda hard to get him out of your head, let alone your line of sight.Whether they stole them from someone’s tent at a festival or simply forgot to pay at Saino’s, maybe he’ll pinch you something fancy if you ask nicely.These are the ones you often underestimate, not dashingly handsome but good looking, not mind boggling clever but intelligent, not the life and soul of the party but never the first to leave.After all, a good wardrobe and grooming don’t come cheap.A breed of their own, medics can be notoriously difficult to date.It’s unlikely he’ll ever have enough cash to take you out so don’t expect much.