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Gretsch quickly became a legitimate competitor to both Gibson and its main rivals, Fender and Rickenbacker.

He would later switch to a Gretsch Tennessean and his Country Gentleman made its last appearance in the music video of "You're Going to Lose That Girl" in the movie Help!

George Harrison, years later, would refer to this model as "the Eddie Cochran/Duane Eddy guitar".

Other Chet Atkins models were the Country Gentleman (named after an Atkins instrumental hit) and the Tennessean, a lower cost version of the Country Gentleman.

At the time, only Rickenbacker and Vox mass-produced them.

Nesmith preferred the bluesy twangy sound of a Gretsch over the distinctive pop sound of a Rickenbacker.

These were actually manufactured by Valco, and have become sought after objects of rarity in the years following Valco's demise.

According to the audio commentary by Michael Nesmith for the episode "I've Got a Little Song Here" on The Monkees: Season One DVD set, prior to The Monkees, Michael Nesmith liked twelve-string electric guitars.Most modern-era Gretsch guitars are manufactured in the Far East, though American-made "Custom Shop" models are available.In 2003, Gretsch entered a business agreement with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). Gretsch would retain ownership while FMIC would handle most of the development, distribution and sales.Many would say that the modern era of music was cemented when the Beatles landed on the Ed Sullivan show, and right there, front and center, was George Harrison's Country Gentleman.Trace time back a little farther and you find a Gretsch in the hands of Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Duane Eddy and of course, Chet Atkins.In addition to the Beatles, Brian O'Hara of The Fourmost used a Country Gentleman; it has been suggested that George Harrison gave him this guitar after acquiring the Tennessean.

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