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don't know much about guitars, I have a Taylor big baby now but looking for some full-sized guitar. I've never studied or played a Madeira, so I can't speak to the A30M. OTHER MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE POSTERS SHOULD CHIME IN AND CORRECT ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE ABOVE.

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I'm trying to figure out if one era was better than another--how an A-9 differed from an A-30--or how an A-25 differed from an A-30 for that matter.These will not only help confirm the year of production of your instrument but will also help identify the various specifications that define your guitar, explain where it sits on the evolutionary path and put it into a wider historical context.Unfortunately, records for Guild guitars prior to 1960 are somewhat unreliable, where they exist at all, so we are unable to fully assure the accuracy of dating before that time but we have been able to ascertain some last serial numbers which may help.I should have kept it, and trading it is one of my few regrets of that era. If you are going to upgrade I'd wait until you can afford something a little better than that.Of course, it could've just been my one guitar, as its the only Madeira I've ever come across.The Madeira might have been part of the Guild budget line, but it really was a good guitar, and better than the price would indicate I'd not pay 0.00 for one, but I might pay half that if it was in pristine condition, just to have one again.

Personally, I'd rather have a Madeira that was in great shape than a modern Taylor Big Baby, but that's just me, fondly remembering those days when I was really learning to play, and doing it on that guitar. JT I owned a Guild Madeira in 1976, my first guitar, and it was pretty much a terrible instrument in every way I can think of.Unfortunately, it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a single source of information on these beauties.Fender (who now owns Guild) has NOTHING other than the Guild Guitar book in terms of historical info.(the A30m is in mint condition, or assume it to be if not) Will it be a great deal if it's under 0? Because that model is too old and I can't find much unbiased comments. A short list of options, but there are others, would include a Voyage Air VAD or a Yamaha 700 series.(saw some comments from A30M owners but seems very emotional, and they seems to think A30Ms are good even compared with those Martin which priced 1~2 grands Is that true? Some guitar manufacturers have a separately labeled discounted line of guitars: Gibson . Madeira was Guild's "other, cheaper" line, as has been noted here... I'm sorry, it's just not; I don't care how old it is or how great the condition is...Dating a guitar is not only a useful and interesting thing to be able to do, in financial and historical terms it is vital.

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