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And as an champion of missionaries everywhere, I don’t support the idea that there are interesting and non-interesting missions.Within a few Sundays the talk about mission calls receded and I talked to my son about ignoring the dumb things people say.

Over and over people said to him, “Wow, your brothers have all had such interesting mission calls.Together we can avoid social mishaps and the proverbial foot in the mouth. What not to say (these are well-known, but worth repeating): I can’t believe your missionary is coming home. We tend to comment on appearance or future expectations, “You’ve grown so much! ” I’ve warned my kids people will inevitably talk about their height and school.They simply need to accept those comments in this stage of life.Hosted by students at the Logan, Utah, Institute of Religion and emanating live from the Morgan Theater at Utah State University, the 90-minute question-and-answer session was carried to hundreds of thousands of locations in Church institutes and other venues across the world via internet feed on the Church’s website, Facebook page and You Tube channel.“We send our love across the oceans, the mountains and the electronics to all the world,” said Elder Oaks, bringing appreciative chuckles from the live congregation.“We’re very quick to be engaged and maybe even, at this time in the history of the world, it’s possible for young singe adults … to be captured by clutter. … If we’re not careful we can maybe be a little bit too stoic in how we’re presenting it. I’ve often found that it’s helpful not to declare a principle of the gospel to a non-believer by saying, ‘It’s this way whether you believe it or not.’ ” He added that it is good for Church members to explain their beliefs and standards in terms of covenants they have made.

When I say clutter I’m talking about all the technology that is available, all the things that can take your mind away from those quiet moments when you get the prompting that you’re seeking as you go through life.” “Keep a smile on your face! “This is a question we wrestle with all of our lives,” Elder Oaks responded.How can I differentiate between the Holy Ghost and my own thoughts and feelings?How can I deal with doubts when faced with tough questions from Church history?He quipped, “We know one another; we can finish one another’s sentences if the occasion requires. ” A recording of the entire broadcast may be viewed at with a link from the home page.Here are some of the questions that were addressed with summaries of the responses.I hope to leave everyone feeling a little happier and a little better (not running from me in the halls at church).

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