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The condensed version is that Ringo was drawn to the Oyster Black Pearl color and loved the fact that we could get an American made drum set.

The Player Date I is perfect for the recording studio and any playing situation that requires musicality and warmth.

Interestingly enough, not many are aware that a stage anchor was screwed into the riser directly along side the Walberg & Auge.

Here's what I found clever: the unused existing holes were filled by first inserting a metal sleeve which was the depth of the shell.

The Player Date is a quality, American-made drum set at a player’s price point.

This line is comprised of two shell configurations (see also: Player Date II) that are designed to handle diverse playing situations and bring a unique, vintage-inspired sound back to the drumming world.

These shells generate warm dark tones with bold bottom end combined with soft mids and highs.

Flat Imperial Lugs made their debut on Ludwig drums in the 30's.The Club Date model was introduced in 1949 and went on as a popular configuration into the 70's.FIRST LUDWIG OYSTER BLACK PEARL KIT:5.5"x 14" Jazz Festival snare drum (Pre-serial Keystone badge / Red ink stamp date: APR 18 1963)8"x12" Tom14"x14" Floor Tom14"x20" Bass Drum (clear interior)FIRST LUDWIG KIT HARDWARE: Speed King bass drum pedal (Model 201)Flat base cymbal stand (Model 1400) [1] An Olympic cymbal stand was also used Flat base snare drum stand (Model 1363)Flat base hi-hat stand (Model 1121)Bass drum anchor (Walberg & Auge Model 1304)Note: Photo evidence indicates that only one Ludwig model 1400 cymbal stand may have been purchased with the first Ludwig kit. Most of us are aware of the Walberg & Auge model 1304 bass drum anchor plainly seen in front of Ringo's kit on the Beatles' Ed Sullivan performance.I took this photo from Ringo's spot on the stage to give you a different perspective.The P-1672 mounting bracket features a wing bolt that screws into the casing.This bracket was used as follows: To secure the three legs on the 14" x 14" floor tom, As a cymbal mounting bracket on the bass drum As mounting brackets for the bass drums spurs Though both drum kits incorporated this bracket as a tom mount when new, the second kit was retro-fitted with a Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount.

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