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www T /acep/u5XQ THE TREATMENT: Ella Bache Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial Treatment THE LOWDOWN: Ella Bache wants to make it easy for you to fight winter skin concerns {read: dry, flaky and dull skin) with its new treatment.From facial massage to the Extreme Regeneration Ma$k p your skin will be left feeling ultra -hydrated, w wwx//abachexom au THE TREATMENT: Aesop Skin Quench THE LOWDOWN: Designed to de-stress dry and tired skin with a dose of aloe vera powder, this treatment is ideal for the change of season or before the stress of a long haul Flight catches up with you.

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80 RELATIVE GEN I l/SZimmermann's perfect fusion of coastal cool and easy sophistication. which measures pollution levels by city in real time* Should you feel the need Co up die ante, an on-the-go protector like REN s Flash Defence Ami-Pollution Mist creates a second-skin barrier and goes on over make-up to protect throughout the day* H Pollution levels arc constantly changing, so it’s important to make sure that you are protected at all times/ explains Dr Engelmen. W ith an uncanny ability to take us back to a certain time or place, smell is one of the most powerful senses. Gigi Madid, Rilumnj and Bclh i ladid at From Lady G;ig,i walking Marc Jacobs to Rihanna and Kanyc West presenting Collections, the A- list turnout was strong. t'XJ t Nart Thw JEn; Al Nbl M (rtdarfaail Srwrili Vinsta:, * j».i Vlk,-ul. Allurt Rufa Ji’j Jne^ under Jjccnce or copfrjghd crape* niiun. Remember, this is the designer who only a Irak more than a year ago was known for the line Vetements* then considered a small but interesting Paris-based label whose shows took place in a local Chinese restaurant and □ sex cluk At Balenciaga, his street sense is elevated: Cristobal Balenciagas portrait neckline is translated into an ofl:- the-shoulder parka, as worn by Julia Nobis, and the tweed coats and suits had echoes of Cristobal ’s cocoon shapes. It wasn't just for show, though, but rather a comment on the democratisation of fashion while also harking back to the day: when everyone had an up-close view in salon style shows.Danish skincare master Ole Henriksen talks skin regimens, the importance of exfoliation and what the Danes can teach us all about caring for our skin.What sets Danish skincare apart from what’s on offer around the rest of the world?There’s a strength in subtlety and that’s exactly what this new class of cool is all about.

ROAD TEST: HYDRATING FACIALS THE TREATMENT: The Clinic Blueberry Peel THE LOWDOWN: Perfect For addressing ageing and congested skin or for those just wanting a little pick-me-up.

TREATMENT: Dermalogica lon Active Power Treatment THE LOWDOWN: This 45-minute treatment will deliver much needed support to many skincare concerns: ageing, acne, dehydration and sensitivity.

From start to finish this treatment is customised to get the best results for your skin, w w w.derma/og/a u THE TREATMENT: Melanie Grant Sisley Botanicals Facial THE LOWDOWN: Using a signature concoction of Sisley Botanrcafs and essential oils, facial ist extraordinaire Melanie Grant will leave your skin feeling restored and refreshed after she s done her thing.

60 IN GOOD SHAPE Georg Jensen's latest collection has a hint of architecture and female empowerment. Dr Engel men notes the skin’s barrier function is crucial, as pollution is made up of nanoparticles M up to 20 times smaller than human pores, allowing them to easily penetrate the skins surface without an adequate l ayer of protection" While city-proofing is key.

64 ARCHITECT OF FORTUNE Bottega Veneta's newest maison echoes Tomas Maier's ethos of good design. sloughing away the days grime is tantamount; “Make sure you thoroughly wash your skin at the end of each day,” says cosmetic and laser dermatologist Michelle Hunt, "Topical and oral antioxidants such as vitamins E, C and nicotinamide may help reduce oxidative stress and cell damage” Ginique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel satisfying^ clings to impurities to remove build-up, while Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydraring Cream is packed full of botanical s and vitamin L ro protect in the am and nourish during the evening.

The Clinic s Blueberry Peel combines antioxidant blueberry extracts with stimulating lactic acid for one great exfoliation. thedi au THE TREATMENT: Face Plus Medispa Celltresor Flow Anti- Ageing Treatment THE LOWDOWN: In desperate need of hydration? Spifler Celltresor Flow anti-ageing treatment at Face Plus Medispa.