Dating sim for girls app

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Dating sim for girls app

“Because there’s a more serious intent, people are more willing to spend vs…a casual dating app — where the expectation is almost free,” argues Younas.

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“We think that conventional Western dating apps don’t really cater to this.” The business is already profitable, taking revenue including via premium subscriptions and in-app purchases which offer users additional features, such as the ability to be matched with someone before they’ve liked you (as a way to try to get their attention) — though it’s free to join and use the basic app.

And while Muzmatch’s feature-set has some basic mechanisms that would be familiar to any Tinder user, like the ability to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on a possible match, and the ability to chat in-app with mutual matches, it also has differences that reflect the needs of its community — which Younas describes as being “essentially” without a casual dating market, as a result of marriage being “such a big part of our faith”.

So, for example, all users have to take a selfie via the app so their profile can be manually verified to help boost trust and keep out spammers; users don’t have to provide their real name though, and can choose not to display photos on their profiles or blur photos unless there’s an active match.

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