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Once you do find treasure, a summary of the legal process you must follow is on this page. ARCHI UK is the database of more than 200,000 British Archaeological Sites covering the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. It is a great service you provide and I keep recommending it to my friends! You can subscribe with Pay Pal by clicking the Pay Pal Subscribe button below.

If you are a man that is genuinely seeking love and romance then this is the best place where you will find that special lady of your dreams! Each record includes the map reference (co-ordinate) of each site with a link to a road map and an aerial photograph.In addition, the database also holds data on archaeologically significant field names and place-names from historical records such as the Tithe Apportionment lists and ancient documents.Paul, ARCHI Subscriber I use the ARCHI website to note archaeological sites in an area when I'm planning a walk for the Doncaster Ramblers. Plus there are links to road maps and aerial photographs showing the location of the sites on the ground. Many beautiful and historically significant coins & artefacts and previously unknown ancient sites have already been found and reported by field walkers and metal detectorists who have used the ARCHI i UK database for their research.In fact I've been researching such a walk today, the main feature being the mesolithic site at Deepcar. By subscribing to ARCHI UK you automatically gain quick and easy access to information on more than 200,000 UK archaeological sites.An upgrade to the app gives exact locations and links all of the sites in the ARCHI database to your phone's Sat/Nav and Satellite Navigation system (GPS system) and provide you with a route to travel to these sites.

Type in the name of a country (Excluding the UK) and what you are searching for such as 'France Castle'.Narrow down your search by adding keywords such as 'Roman', 'Saxon', 'Castle', 'Temple', 'Stone Cirle', 'Roman Coin', Gold' and even 'Treasure' to find these kinds of sites in the UK! Discover a wealth of information with the free App's standard features such as lists of thousands of archaeological sites in your area.The lists include a description of incredible archaeological and historical sites and amazing treasure findspots.from playing pc and x box games, also to play a very basic type of tennis as am not very good, i like also swimming walking and camping i enjoy a wide range of music from classical to pink floyd, this also shows in my range of films from sci fi to musicals, i enjoy a night out at a bar to have a drink and a game of darts or pool also the enjoy cinema and the theatre Hi, I enjoy socialising going to the cinema and shopping.I can be shy until you get to know :-) Thought I would give this a go as I love meeting new friends, a lot of my friends have started their own family and had kids or gone to uni which is sometimes hard for me to do things on my own. I'm cultured in that I like imported beers and travelling.. Your parents will love me but your neighbours won't ;) Hello, am easy going ( to an extent hehe) ,..friendly, honest person..I am a jack of all trades in regards to my hobbies, aspirations and abilities.

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