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Please note that some of the 3D photographs may contain images unsuitable for younger children.The fighting between the British and German Armies arrived in the peaceful countryside of Flanders east of the town of Ypres in the late autumn of 1914.

At that time the wood was to the west of and behind the British fighting line.

It is believed to have been given its name on the 1914-1918 British Army battlefield maps, called Trench Maps, for that very reason; it was providing a place of sanctuary to the wounded.

This section of a British Army trench map shows Sanctuary Wood with the German front line trenches marked in red in 16 April 1916 (Trench map 28 N. As this is a British map the German trenches (red) are shown in detail.

The Sanctuary Wood trench museum is privately owned by the grandson of the farmer who reclaimed his land in 1919 when the local people returned to Ypres.

In the early 1980s some ground collapsed and revealed the previously undiscovered 4 foot high 'L' shaped tunnel built by British Army engineers.

Since its discovery the tunnel has been cleared and lighting installed making it possible for people with suitable footwear to walk through.

More recently the trenches have been renovated in places using corrugated iron to hold up the trench sides.In the last decade there has been a large increase in visitors to the Ypres Salient, and many have, of course, included a visit to the trenches at Sanctuary Wood.In the 1990s the trenches were covered in grass and the whole site was overgrown with undergrowth.In this room there is also a large and rare collection of three dimensional photo images inside special viewing boxes.These 3D photographs were produced after the war and are absorbing and absolutely fascinating to look through.A zouave was the name for a soldier from the French Zouave Regiment.

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