Definition accommodating conflict style

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Creating interpersonal, professional relationships between employees and supervisors in organizations helps foster productive working relationships.

By actively seeking information, employees can effectively reduce uncertainties about their new jobs and organizations and make sense of their new working environments.Also called networking, relationship building involves an employee's efforts to develop camaraderie with co-workers and even supervisors.This can be achieved informally through simply talking to their new peers during a coffee break or through more formal means such as taking part in pre-arranged company events.New employee behaviors refer to the specific actions carried out by newcomers as they take an active role in the socialization process.Finally, organizational efforts help facilitate the process of acclimating a new worker to an establishment through activities such as orientation or mentoring programs.Research has shown relationship building to be a key part of the onboarding process, leading to outcomes such as greater job satisfaction and better job performance, Foste & Botero (2012) research found that having positive communication and relationships between employees and supervisors is important for worker morale.

The way in which a message is delivered affects how supervisors develop relationships and feelings about employees.

This is because seasoned employees can draw from past experiences to help them adjust to their new work settings and therefore may be less affected by specific socialization efforts because they have (a) a better understanding of their own needs and requirements at work.

Certain behaviors enacted by incoming employees, such as building relationships and seeking information and feedback, can help facilitate the onboarding process.

Newcomers can also quicken the speed of their adjustment by demonstrating behaviors that assist them in clarifying expectations, learning organizational values and norms, and gaining social acceptance.

Information seeking occurs when new employees ask questions of their co-workers and superiors in an effort to learn about their new job and the company's norms, expectations, procedures, and policies.

"Proactive personality" refers to the tendency to take charge of situations and achieve control over one's environment.