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Copies of assessments and land owner plats may be obtained upon request.Any change concerning your property should be reported.

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Notice of the dates, time and place of this public exposure of assessments is published twice in the official journal within a period of not sooner than 21 days prior nor later than 7 days prior to the 15 calendar day period of exposure.

During this period of public exposure, any taxpayer who disagrees with his/her assessment, after review by the assessor, must be provided a “Notice of Appeal Request for Board of Review” form.

The Webster Parish Police Jury will sit as a Board of Review to hear all taxpayer appeals.

The classification of property determines the percentage of fair market value applicable to each for the purpose of determining assessed valuation.

The classifications and percentages are as follows: All property is to be assessed by the assessor at fair market value using these three approaches to value: market approach, income approach, or cost approach, except for public service properties, i.e.

If the assessor's value is upheld by the Board of Review, the Louisiana Tax Commission will then consider the appeal of any taxpayer or assessor dissatisfied with the determination of the Board of Review.

Changes to the tax roll to correct for errors and omissions are submitted by the assessor by request to the Louisiana Tax Commission and are subject to approval or denial.

Information of new construction, the addition or removal of a mobile home or structure, and address changes are essential to an accurate tax roll.

All property subject to taxation is revalued and reassessed at intervals of not more than four years, unless otherwise mandated by the Louisiana Tax Commission, except for personal property, which is revalued and reassessed every year.

The claim shall first be reviewed by the assessor and conferred by the tax collector.

Any property with outstanding taxes owed, both parish and/or municipal, is subject to an annual public sale held by the authorized tax collector.

The assessment process plays an important role in local government.

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