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Via analyses informed by both queer studies and audience studies, the various creative practices of fans in reshaping their sexual identities via popular culture are explored.These practices are highly political and empowering to a queer audience.

East Asia; Identity; Popular culture; Popular music Li, Cheuk Yin. "The Absence of Fan Activism in the Queer Fandom of Ho Denise Wan See (HOCC) in Hong Kong," edited by Henry Jenkins and Sangita Shresthova, special issue, I seek to address a single question here: why isn't there any queer fan activism in Ho Denise Wan See (何韻詩) (HOCC) fandom in Hong Kong?However, Doty is also aware that the enthusiasm of breaking down rigid concepts of sexuality in popular culture may lead to problematic consequences of celebrating an apolitical utopia united by all straights and all queers.Therefore, he retained the radical and political connotation by using the term ), was one of the top 10 best-selling local singers in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2010 (IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award 2010; IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award Presented [2001–2009]).Whose agency encourages and even perpetuates these queer images?The answer: HOCC as producer, the media, scholars, queer activists, and her fans.Winning the Golden Award for female singer in the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentations in 2006 proved her popularity.

She works in the mainstream market (the nonindie sector), yet she owns her music label, Goomusic, and she often works with independent musicians.There has been little debate on the nature of audience since the Birmingham School (Hall 1973; Morley 1980).Audiences are now theorized and empirically shown to be active—or, more generally speaking, productive.To distinguish between these two, I adhere to Bielby, Harrington, and Bielby's (1999) differentiation between active and activist fans.An active fan participates in fan activities such as fan clubs, soap magazine critiques, and online bulletin boards; an activist fan behaves strategically in specific events and contexts to achieve a specific goal.However, the intensive rewriting of meanings as queer symbolic creativity and tactics in cultural politics fail to transform into formal institutional politics and more confrontational queer activism. Internally, the hierarchical structure of fan organization, fan proximity to the culture industry, and the top-down encouragement of social charity as the only channel of activism have all reduced the possibility of transforming fans' queer sensibilities into institutional queer politics.

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