Dependency property binding not updating

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Dependency property binding not updating

Because i OS uses underscores instead of dashes (which is the .

App Resources) followed by a period (.) and then the language code. Here is a screenshot showing the UI on each platform prior to translation: It can be tricky to switch the simulator or a device to different languages, particulary during development when you want to test different cultures quickly.

It is still a good idea to add the language-specific resources early in the development cycle, optionally populating with machine-translated text to help test the localization code.

One additional RESX file is added for each language we wish to support.

The implementations for the dependency service is provided below for each platform, along with additional platform-specific requirements to ensure localized text is rendered correctly.

The platform-specific code must also handle cases where the operating system allows the user to configure a locale identifier that is not supported by . In these cases custom code must be written to detect unsupported locales and substitute the best . i OS users select their preferred language separately from date and time formatting culture.

Right-click on the Windows Phone project and select Properties.

In the Application tab tick the Supported Cultures that the application supports: Expand the Properties node in the Windows Phone project and double-click on the WMApp file.

The translation text can then be retrieved in code.

This document contains the following sections: Globalizing Xamarin.

One of the key parts of globalizing an application is building the user-interface so that there is no text.

Instead, anything displayed to the user should be retrieved from a set of strings that have been translated into their chosen language.

The base resources (RESX) file will contain the default language strings (the samples assume English is the default language). Forms common code project by right-clicking on the project and choosing Add This change is optional, and is only required if you wish to reference localized strings across different assemblies (for example, if you put the RESX files in a different assembly to your code).

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