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Dj ashba dating anyone - updating email address

On July 27, 2015, DJ Ashba announced he was leaving the band, citing his commitment to his family and his other band Sixx: A. Ashba released a statement saying "I have reached a point in my life where I feel it's time to dedicate myself to my band Sixx: A.

This was the first lineup under the moniker Beautiful Creatures.

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I have all the respect in the world for Mötley Crüe and I can't wait to see Mick kick ass, as always.' In 1987 A road manager and a bus driver called out to DJ and the next few years he became the master of destruction.

The man who filmed Dj on his real first glimpse of dominance was a bus driver from Orlinda Tn . Then the reality of life produces the Icon Aka known as DJ Ashba.

The guitarist bowed out in 2015, ahead of the return of classic-era members Slash and Duff Mc Kagan for a reunion tour that’s gone on to gross nearly .5m at each show.

Ashba – who’s now concentrating fully on Sixx AM alongside Nikki Sixx and James Michael – tells Overdrive: “It really does feel like a humongous weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Prior to naming, the band opened one show in Houston, Texas for Kiss during their reunion tour after Ted Nugent pulled out.

Despite appearing at Ozzfest, the Rolling Rock Tour the band was dropped from their label due to poor album sales.

“That was a huge responsibility for me, and to be honest I didn’t know how big that weight was going to be.

“I learned a lot and I’m very grateful for it all – I experienced something for six whole years that money can’t buy, and I was able to take away a huge amount of self-growth, and an insight into the workings of a huge band like that.” He adds: “I didn’t for one moment anticipate that there was going to be so much criticism, as well as a lot of praise. Looking back, I took away so much which I apply to my everyday life, as well as my role in Sixx AM.” Ashba hasn’t had the chance to watch Axl Rose’s current lineup, but he says: “I’d love to see that show. I’m happy those guys have sorted out their differences and can give fans a chance to witness that chemistry we know so well from the early days.” Asked whether he’d return to Guns N’ Roses, even on a temporary basis, he replies: “They’re doing great without me, and really, I don’t see myself going back ever again.

For his 16th birthday, his father took him to his first concert: Mötley Crüe's Girls, Girls, Girls Tour. It was the night I realized that no matter what it takes, I was gonna be on that stage one day." At the age of 18, he packed up his possessions and moved to Hollywood to begin his career.