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And even if he agreed to go, he would not have fun and it would affect my enjoyment also.So, I casually said "maybe I will get another man to take me". To my surprise, my husband actually seemed excited about that possibility.

In the dungeon, we have a cage that I lock my husband in when I want to discipline him.She said her and her date had a few slow dances and they were both feeling quite comfortable.She asked how I was doing and I said fine and then she said goodbye and hung up.Suffice it to say, he made me feel very special and beautiful.I had a wonderful night with my date and it developed into more than I had originally planned.When she had me in the cage, she put the padlock on the door and locked me securely in for the night.

(We do have an emergency escape system in case of fire or other problem, by the way.) She also took the trouble to throw her panties she had worn that day in the cage with me and also some of her golden nectar in a sport drink bottle with the flip up drinking straw.I'm not a flirt nor the least bit impulsive in my actions.I am very down to earth and practical minded - a realist through and through. My husband introduced me to the Fem Dom lifestyle over our many years of marriage.My date showed up at my door all dressed up and looking really nice, handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me how lovely I looked!I made my husband greet him at the door, wearing only a pair of feminine frilly panties.I especially like to dance and go out to listen to music.