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Unfortunately for him, he left his employer on his profile.

(Online dating is a billion-dollar industry: More 40 million Americans used an online dating service in 2011.)Miller's done some marketing at farm shows and local television ads (like the one with talking animals below), but said the steady rise has been mainly from word-of-mouth.

You could, of course — and it’s weird that he doesn’t realize that — but unless you’re truly outraged (and granted, maybe the message is worse than I’m picturing), I’d just move along.

I would change this answer if the message were racist or otherwise hateful and bigoted rather than the kind of run-of-the-mill sex stuff that you run into on dating sites.

What’s the best way to handle clients who arrive early for an appointment?

I try to confirm the time with them first, make sure it’s on my calendar, and plan accordingly.

Still, I don’t like feeling as though clients don’t respect my schedule and how I choose to fill it.

I tend to want to conduct myself in a very black-and-white, right-vs.-wrong way, which I realize can work well for some jobs but tends to conflict with my current one, which is all about working with human beings and their many idiosyncrasies.

I’m very ready to move on for a variety of reasons, in particular the fact that my boss Fergus has a very strong personality that does not mesh with my own (I’m not alone; others in the office also feel this way).

I’d like to give my successor some advice that might help them “manage” Fergus — such as “if you want concrete deadlines, you need to ask for them clearly, vocally, and often” and “as the youngest person in this office, your informal job duties will also include computer support.”I realize that my perspective is a little biased, and I don’t want to sound like a disgruntled former employee because overall this workplace has given me many opportunities and Fergus is a genuinely good (but, to me, infuriating) person.

You’re not obligated to start early — just like an employer isn’t — but I wouldn’t refuse to do it just on principle. Can I advise my replacement about my difficult boss?

I’m about to leave my current position to attend graduate school, and my boss is interviewing for my replacement.

"Connections were slow, so we had to keep it simple."success stories about married couples that met on Farmers Only, something in which Miller—who got married long before the Internet came along—takes extra pride." data-reactid="35"There are plenty of success stories about married couples that met on Farmers Only, something in which Miller—who got married long before the Internet came along—takes extra pride."Lots of these people are really, really lonely," Miller said.

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