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It is very common to see large families out very late in the evening with small children, and even children’s shows and entertainment are scheduled well into the evening (great if you’re on a fly through with jet-lagged kids!) Its not unusual for some of the mega-malls to remain open all night during shopping festivals and Ramadan.

Beyond these times there’s still plenty to do but you will be restricted to mostly indoor activities – indoor theme parks and soft-play centres are a speciality – or cool down at Ski Dubai, the world’s third largest indoor ski slope.

Accordingly, dates for religious holidays and events are not fixed until the sighting of hilal (the crescent moon) which can cause confusion as to when the public holiday actually falls.

On religious holidays different opening hours and rules apply, such as a ban on serving alcohol For an outline of proposed UAE public holidays in 2017 see here.

You don’t realize you miss it until you can’t get it…

If you need any sort of infant supplies, you really are going to be quite spoiled for choice (though maybe at a higher price than you’d pay in your own country).

One of the five pillars of Islam is prayer five times a day.

You will see Masjids (mosques) spotted all over the cities and countryside.Be mindful of this when trying to work out accommodation and visiting attractions.Friday nights, in particular, are a very busy time of the week and it can be difficult at some of the more popular destinations to manoeuvre around with large prams and small children without fear of them getting lost.If you are trying to plan any travel around local school holidays, then good luck!Not even those of us that live here get much forward warning, and even once announced, they have a propensity to change.This is the desert – let’s face it – it’s going to get hot!