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I walk over and sitting down next to him I can see that he looks sad and exhausted."Are you okay Rob, shouldn't you be getting lucky with the new wife? " He nods and asks for a beer which I order for him.

All I can think of is that we're so having sex tonight.His hands move up and because there is no bra to feel, I sense his hardness grow even more.His mouth touches my earlobe slightly and I let out a soft moan as it lights up my body.I reach my prize and lick his shaft, gripping it firmly as I kiss his balls. I can't bear to stay in the room any longer and I need a drink, so I slip on my dress and heels, not bothering about my panties.I stop suddenly when I hear a noise and look up to see that he's snoring, that loud drunken snore. I hold back the tears as I fall off the bed and sit on the floor. I take his bank card and the room key and go back down the stairway in the hope of avoiding people. As I reach the hall I see only a few couples still slow dancing and there is no sign of the bride and groom.The kids and our hectic lives have meant that we have both let that part out of lives fade.

We’ve just become a boring married couple but tonight it’s more like we are teenagers again.

" I raise my glass and Rob clinks his against mine. I'm at the point where my body does what it wants to, no matter how loud my brain is screaming at me to do otherwise.

I jump up and offering my hand to Rob for a dance he doesn't hesitate and just pulls me close to him.

He unzips my long pink dress and it falls to the floor, soon followed by my lacy underwear.

I slip off my black heels and leave it all in an untidy pile.

It gets close to midnight and as we slow dance while softly kissing he whispers to me that he needs to be inside me.

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