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At JOI, over 130 Group Lesson times available a week. Flex Lessons: 2 to 4 students per class (max 7) JOI has 18 different levels of classes : With Conversation-based lessons, Grammer classes, JLPT preparation, Kanji etc - Find the perfect level just for you !

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In fact, one of them only ever studied for 15 minutes every morning. Every hour of study time has the potential to unlock brand new possibilities.

But it’s all to easy to waste that same hour mindlessly clicking on picture flashcards.

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Take group and/or private Japanese classes from a professional Japanese teacher.

Surprisingly, the secret to success is not hard work and regular practice.

There are many people who, after years of learning, go to a Japanese restaurant and struggle to make a simple order.They wonder whether the results really justify their time and effort.Not to mention, they can’t let their personality shine in Japanese. Their biggest goal is to communicate and understand real-world Japanese as it’s actually used.The way to get there is to not focus on short term wins, but rather allow your brain to think in Japanese.🤔 To do this, you need to completely adopt a Japanese way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, and a Japanese-like sentence structure as soon as possible.You can learn to speak Japanese in your home, office or where you like.