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"When a guy approaches a girl or when a girl approaches a guy, the methods used, the body language, it just wasn't right," Tanriseven says.

She had called the police for help after her estranged husband took the family car, but says the officer who showed up had something different on his mind. Then she called her mom — who told her, "You have to report it." She did. Louis officer had resigned "amid allegations of inappropriate sexual contact on duty." "A police department spokeswoman issued a news release late Tuesday saying only that the department has started a criminal and internal investigation into a complaint received Saturday regarding an officer’s alleged conduct during a response to a nonemergency call on Friday," the paper reported. "I'm a strong-minded person, very strong-willed," Walker tells the RFT.

On Girls Ask and Guys Ask Girls.com, questions go up anonymously, and on average, fifteen people of the opposite gender post their own opinions.

"To be able to share what you know is very appealing, not just from a gender perspective but from any perspective," says Tanriseven.

He's a normal two-year-old.") Now 28, Walker credits her strong Christian faith for getting her through a nightmarish year. "I was so torn down." Walker says she spoke numerous times with Internal Affairs and other police officers.

But her interview in the documentary was the first time she told her story publicly, and it's only after its release that she agreed to talk to the RFT. Based in Minnesota, he says he was horrified to learn what she'd endured.

"The value is that you hear from hundreds of other people who have been there and had that experience." Girls Ask Guys' users may find value in the site's large community, but for Tanriseven, the value lies in the 10 million unique visitors coming to the site each month.

Traffic jumped two months ago when he redesigned Girls Ask Guys to be more smartphone friendly, bringing 60 percent of traffic through mobile devices.But her cancer is now in remission, and she says she's pulled herself out of the dark place she was in.(Oh, and her son doesn't have Down syndrome — the cancer led to inaccurate prenatal tests: "He's fine! Luckily, Tolga Tanriseven offers a solution with his St. When it comes to hooking up, we've all wished a panel of opposite-sex experts would help translate and explain what the guy or gal we fancy is really thinking.Louis from his native Turkey to join his brother and study at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.