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But most likely, he’ll hit you up reeeaal late at night, after he’s put his wife AND kids to sleep. You don’t need to do the whole contacting his wife thing. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Apple Martinis, that new MAC lip color that just…wait a damn minute!

Basically, he wants to ensure that you’re not giving up your sweet sugar baby snatch to any other men while HE’S paying that note on your car. How to Deal- Here’s the thing about Sugar Daddies-Either you’re in, or you’re out. They are expecting something from you in return for whatever it is that they’re doing for you. Whether it’s your time, your body, your kind words, be prepared to WORK. But what you WON’T get is some money on your tuition, or some other necessary ish you’re in dire need of. Just a good time, and enough to keep you looking fine so he can show you off around the city.

If you think you can make things work, you have to be willing to compromise. He’ll be sitting there with a beer, some cognac, or even a dry martini straight up. If you two DO happen to exchange numbers, he’ll always call/text you during the day…probably on his lunch break.

As someone who’s dated party promoters, DO NOT GO TO THE CLUB EVERY TIME HE GOES. Or better yet, you work with him, so he can just talk to you face to face, and attempt to ruin your life on a daily.

You and your friends sashay into the club like you’re Beyonce n ‘nem because you’re promoter boo has got everything HANDLED. BUT, things are gonna start to get tricky when he’s ALWAYS at the club, when he ALWAYS wants to pop bottles, and when he ALWAYS has video vixen chics in his face. How to Deal- I feel like when you’re young, dating the party promoter is cool.

At the young age of 21, who DOESN’T want a party promoter boyfriend?

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So whether you’re looking for single parent dating, Christian dating, gay dating, Asian dating – or simply long-lasting love– meet singles you want to be dating with Elite Singles.Some may say that I’m over exaggerating, and that might very well be true. But I can assure you that dating in Atlanta is no easy feat for women, and I don’t think it will get any easier in the years to come. Once you find out that that’s what’s going down, you’d be a FOOL to stay. This guy has an entourage, HELLA mixtapes, and is working on his NEW rap label. I know he just probably wants you guys to be the next Jay-Z and Beyonce, but that might not happen in this lifetime. Make this a “group activity.” Plan out your goals for the next five years. If he has some reasonable goals, then hear him out. If he’s talking about how legendary of a rapper he’s gonna be, and DASSIT, you may need to explain to him that you’d like a man with some more career goals, and then consider making that move OUT of the relationship/situationship. Here’s the kicker: He’s the one that a lot of women overlook. He’s just a good dude who loves to spend time with you, yet you just don’t know if it’s “right.” How to Deal- COMPROMISE. But just let them know that they WON’T be dating you in the meantime! He makes good conversation, he has all of his teeth, and he doesn’t have hella baby mamas. But as you grow older, I think you might start to see things differently. When he gets home, give him something he can feel 😉 You’ll usually catch him at a happy hour right after work. These two men have more than enough money to go around, and you can bet your bottom dollar that both of them got it illegally.