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On the stage, studying under “the Yue Prince” Zhao Zhigang (赵志刚), Jing Lou sang a classic Shanghai opera piece (a famous sense from the novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”).

A netizen named “朕爱天下” posted a post with the title “Lou Jing’s American Black Father and Shanghai Mother”, attracted over 100,000 views.

Selected Comments: The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect. Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs! Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

Lou Jing is a lovely and well-behaved mother’s girl.

She is always optimistic and has a positive attitude towards other’s questionable looks.

“Chocolate” girl Lou Jing’s skin color lets people mistaken her for a foreigner.

In fact, she is an outright Shanghai girl, and she speaks fluent Shanghai dialect.

Lou Jing grew up with ups and downs missing her father’s love, but was never lack of family love.

Even though Lou Jing was strong, when facing her mother on stage, she shed tears of both happiness and bitterness.

She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud. And an unwanted bastard, Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what?

Each time, skillfully avoiding being photographed together.

The headmaster of the program Chen Rong (陈蓉) also at the scene called for everybody to help her to make her dream come true.