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Performers can submit themselves today for their chance at a part in one of the hottest shows on TV today.‘Teen Wolf’ is loosely based on the hit 1985 Michael J.

When he reaches the finals, the tournament's host, Geese Howard, expresses his desires to recruit Ryo into his services.His father left their home and left Ryo to take care of Yuri.Ryo did this by partaking in construction work and tirelessly strived to defend his family's dojo.During his journey, he met a bouncer named King, who guides them to Mr. With Robert and King's help, Ryo confronts and defeats the kingpin. Big leads him to a karate dojo where a mysterious man challenges him. Karate unless he told them information about Yuri's safety.Before he deals the final blow, Yuri reveals the man's identity as their father.He eventually gained a sparring partner and friend when Robert Garcia was admitted into the dojo.

On Ryo's 10th birthday, his mother died in a tragic car accident.Fox comedy of the same name and tells a darker and edgier version of the story of a young high school student named Scott Mc Call and his life after he is bitten by a werewolf.Scott is helped along in his new and traumatizing journey into his werewolf existence by his best friend Stiles, his object of affection Allison and fellow werewolf Derek.After eleven years of separation, the whole family is reunited.Before the events of the second game, Ryo went to the mountains for training.In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Ryo was voted as the staff's twenty-fourth favorite character.