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Trying to see it all in one visit can be daunting, but it's possible to focus on a specific itinerary of masterpieces.The Prado suggests "routes" (self-guided tours) of specific works.

The Salón del Trono (Throne Room) is adorned with frescoes by Tiepolo including , one of his finest works.

Besides being a hub of public transportation (with several bus stops and Metro entrances), the Puerta del Sol is also the "Kilometer Zero" point from which all distances on the Spanish national road network are measured.

The Puerta del Sol has been the scene of many historic events, including the Spanish resistance to Napoleon on May 2nd 1808, and in 1931, the Second Republic was proclaimed here.

Today, the Plaza Mayor continues to be an important gathering place in Madrid.

The expansive cobblestone square is a pedestrian precinct with many outdoor cafés that are popular with tourists as well as with the local Madrileños.

Rising above a steep slope overlooking the lush gardens, the palace is built entirely of granite and white Colmenar stone.

The palace was commissioned by Philip V in the 18th century.Diehard art lovers can select the full-version audio-guide tour that covers 250 works.Tourists will also appreciate the museum's gift shop and the café with a pleasant outdoor terrace.The collection also covers Italian, Flemish, French, British, and German paintings as well as Neoclassical Italian sculptures.The Prado Museum displays around 2,300 pieces of the collection in more than 100 rooms on three floors.Spanish paintings from the 12th century to the early 19th century form the majority of the collection, and many are famous masterpieces.

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