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I've been in a similar situation and am honestly tired of having to explain their error.No one from the company is willing to listen to the truth of the matter, they just have their Tier 5 collections calling all the time. I received a call one day explaining about information about their so called "products " and asked if there was information they can email.

I have talked to "managers" and representatives many times, each having to explain everything from the beginning, and even emailed and told them I will not pay for something I did not ask for nor need.

Upon receival of the invoice, I immediately called them to get this issue resolved.

The person I had talked to told me he was going to go back & listen to the recorded phone conversation's, yes "RECORDED PHONE CONVERSATIONS", (as if that does'nt say something right there) & get back to me the next day. They provide excellent products and great customer service.

Situations, back then, seem to have been better handled than now.

It seems to me that they're "reverse bill collectors". People are making it look like this company got a hold of your number, sent you things and then attached a bill along with it.

Give it a rest, just like your business this business started out small too and is expanding and learning .

No one working here is perfect so sure, there might be a few mistakes but all in all, Safety Services is rated high on the BBB for a reason.As far as being an honest company, I don't beleive so, an honest company would'nt sell someone something they did'nt want after being told just that. We have actually used their product in the past but went to A different program since then.I beleive they had our old contact info which is how all of this started.At that point we would then make A decision as to wether or not to purchase. The next thing you know, they start firing off tons of phone call's trying to get us to purchase A package & would'nt stop(this in in September of 2010).Around this point in time, we also start receiving an un-wanted safety package from them.We strive to provide the greatest customer service experience as well as the highest quality products to all of our clients.

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