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(Though in fairness, I’d call it a draw.) #Crow Or No is a weekly Twitter challenge hosted by University of Washington crow scientist Kaeli Swift.

It also shines light on some great crow-themed mysteries, like why some crows have caramel-colored feathers.Florida has certainly seen more than its fair share of rising seas and climate-fueled storms.And nationwide, coastal homes at risk of inundation are beginning to lose value.But since 2000, the correlation has grown stronger.That could be a sign of preference for properties that are more resilient to flooding.Properties at higher elevations in Miami-Dade County have been increasing in value since 1971.

For the most part, that’s been due to non-climate factors.

But future homeowners in coastal cities might want to consider another factor before making a down payment: climate change.

Research from Harvard shows a link between elevation and price appreciation in Miami neighborhoods.

Climate scientist Daniel Swain attributes the cold in the east and the warmth out west to a continent-wide weather pattern similar to the one that ushered in California’s megadrought a few years ago.

There’s evidence that shrinking Arctic ice is making extreme patterns like this more likely.

And, crow or no, I think we could all use a little more science in our lives. We could even get cynical and talk about how this plays to his base that just wants to piss off progressives.

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